Saturday, March 16, 2013

Site Update

Comment Moderation D:<

Traffic on this site is finally picking up! Yipee! Only problem is, my site is now being attacked by spammers. I'm getting 3 or 4 stupid gibberish spam comments a day at this point, and they always drop their little links at the bottom that lead to some raunchy mail order bride sites or something rude like that.  So unfortunately, I had to disable automatic commenting on my posts. It was either that or put a CAPTCHA on my page, and that will happen over my dead body.

So, if your comment doesn't automatically show up on my post anymore, please don't take it personal. It's because I have to go through and make sure the spammers are not putting their ugly crap up on my stuff anymore. It makes me mad that I even have to do this- all because of some cruddy dude in his mom's basement is trying to hijack my site with his stupid spammy links.

If any of you have any suggestions on how I can further cut down the spam that'd be awesome. Because I have no idea what's causing it besides my increase in traffic.

Anyways, on a positive note- Got tons of new tutorials coming up, new crafts and works to show you, and there may even be a new art show write up in the future..... Stay tuned people :)

P.S Like my new drawing? It came "From the Mind's Eye..."


BoholstWife said...

Hey girly! I did receive your print with frame. I just haven't got around to taking pics. I will get off my lazy butt and do that for you. Thanks for the letter. I enjoy reading them and seeing your cute drawings on the envelopes. Oh, can you email me again so I will be able to email you the pics....I have the paypal email,but am not sure if that is your contact addy.

trina lyn said...

Yay you got your stuff! Glad to see it arrived safe and sound. I'm honored to know that MY art will be hanging up in someone else's house, hundreds of miles away... so cool. Thank you for continuing to believe in my work, bobo :)