Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick Crafty Bathroom Caddie!

I just wanted to share this cute and quick craft I came up with after realizing my bathroom didn't have enough storage space for all my little hygienic odds 'n ends. These caddies are made out of those little plastic/vinyl zipper bags that blankets and sheets come in. 
The DIY bathroom caddies are big enough to hold all my extra make up, two hair brushes, band aids, ibuprofen, bandages, My Little Pony tissues, medication, and much more. Because one of the bags had a hook on it already, all I had to do was throw all the items in it and hang it up. I also slapped a cute sticker on the front of it to make it more interesting to look at!

The larger caddie took a little bit of extra fandangling on account of it lacking any kind of handle or hook to hang it from. All I did was cut four slits in the top of the bag, just big enough to fish some old scrap ribbon through and tie in knots. To keep the slits from tearing I hot glued some strips of fabric over the cuts.  The little flowers glued on top aren't really functional, they're there more for flair. After that, it was just a matter of tying the ribbon handles into bows around the towel rack. Easily adjustable and simple to take down if need be!

My favorite thing about my caddies is that they're see through vinyl, which gives me easy access to my supplies without the need to rifle around.

There are so many different uses for vinyl blanket bags.They often have multiple pockets and dividers already incorporated, which further helps in keeping things organized. Some of them even have handles. These bags can also be pretty durable and withstand years of wear and tear- I've used them to hold craft items like beads and markers in the past. My marker bag, for example, served me loyally through high school... Yes, I was the weird girl randomly toting around a gigantic bag of markers. 

Next time you get a new comforter blanket, or maybe even some curtains, consider all the awesome stuff you could put in those bags instead of tossing them out to let them unjustly rot in a landfill forever. It's especially wasteful considering some places sell them as organizers for upwards of $12 a bag! Doing a search about blanket bags will yield a plethora of things to do with your bags. There are some really great ideas! 

Other uses for comforter bags:
  • Sturdy gift bags for birthdays & holidays
  • Store your kid's small toys- like legos and action figures
  • Christmas ornament storage bags
  • Keeping garden seeds fresh for longer
  • A travel bag or first aid kit for vacations
  • Protecting clothing or linens from smoke/bugs/dander/ect
  • So, so many more things. Seriously. They're super handy.

What kind of uses can YOU come up with?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Wreck This Journal Part V - Return of the Journal

Hello world! It's been a while. Three years to be exact. A lot has happened in the time that has passed, but most importantly my Wreck this Journal continues to decay more and more every day. Wreck this Journal was one of my blog's most popular subjects, and it continues to be one of my most favorite projects I've ever worked on. Over the years I have experimented with many ways to wreck my journal, but it never occurred to me that one element would continue to wreck it long after I got tired- Time itself.

I wanted to document how much has changed since the last time I updated. The change is especially noticeable if you go all the way back to my first post about WTJ those many years ago. Go ahead and catch up with my progress if you haven't yet....

My Journey With Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal 
1) The Beginning.....
2) WTJ Part Two
3) WTJ Part Three - Vengeance 
4) WTJ Part Four - The Reckoning

Wreck this Journal - The front cover's changes over time.
Wreck this Journal - The front cover's changes over time. Check out how wrinkly it gets and that doodle in pink paint pen that slowly fades away. 

So let's take a look at what I've been up to for the past 3 years..... *cracks open journal*

Wreck this Journal - The title page
Wreck This Journal - The Title Page. This page is weird and kind of shrunken down because of all the times I've had to tape/glue/sew the binding back shut.  

Wreck this Journal - Table of Contents
Here is my Wreck this Journal table of contents page. I had to make my own, since it isn't provided with one to begin with. I think creating a table of contents is an excellent way to keep your journal more "organized." I can't tell you how many times I had an idea or an item to put in my journal but had to spend five minutes flipping through it to find that specific page... the table of contents is a total game changer in that sense. And besides, you already numbered the pages, it's just begging you to make a table of contents somewhere!

Also, check out how many crossed out pages there are... all the ones that I can say are 100% finished to my best ability! Almost every page has something on it already, but not all of them were followed through completely. More on that later, though. 
Wreck this Journal - Instructions Page featuring blue bats
The instructions page, personally one of my favorite illustrations I've done in this book. The yellow is bleeding through from the next page, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked with the drawing's composition already! I think that's one of Wreck this Journal's themes - unexpectedly beautiful results.
Wreck this Journal - Materials / Add your own page numbers
Materials and Add your Own Numbers pages. I took the materials page literally and found or used pretty much everything mentioned in the list. Except for combs, because they're evil and I hate them. Watch out for combs. 
Wreck this Journal - Crack the spine / leave this page blank. Boobybutt.
Crack the Spine and Leave This Page Blank.... When my mom saw my doodle of the journal getting its spine broken, she thought it was a rooster. If you went to high school with me you will recognize the hideous creature on the right as a "Boobybutt" since it is made out of a butt and a pair of boobs at the same time :D

Wreck this Journal - stand here featuring little children's footprints
Stand here and wipe your feet - This page is kind of cute because I got my cousins to help me when they were still really little. Their tiny feet fit perfectly on the page! They aren't so little anymore now though... time flies.
Wreck this Journal - Pour Coffee Here featuring a scared tea cup!
Pour coffee on this page- The coffee doesn't appear to be faded at all.
Wreck this Journal - Poke holes in this page using a pencil with a blobby eye monster
Poke Holes in this page using a pencil - This is a classic Wreck this Journal page because it's one of the first tasks that Keri Smith asks you to accomplish and it really helps push you out of your comfort zone. I love seeing the many different interpretations of this page in particular. Most people finish this page in some way.

Wreck this Journal - Draw fat and thin lines... and eat your enemies
Eat your enemies - wait, that doesn't have anything do with wrecking my journal!

Wreck this Journal - A page for dirty hand prints so gross
Gross... glad to see the dirty handprints page hasn't changed much at all, either.

Wreck this Journal - Color this entire page with skeletons, skulls and stars
Wreck This Journal - Color this entire page

Wreck this Journal - Trolololol
Wreck This Journal- Throw something dipped in paint
Wreck this Journal - Press leaves and other things here
Wreck this Journal - Press Flowers Here

Wreck this Journal - Scratch using a sharp object
Scratch using a sharp oject - I can't even remember what the object was. A safety pen I think. And then I scratched it with a fork, because why not?
Wreck this Journal - Do rubbings with a pencil
Do rubbings with a pencil- I waited too long to do this page and as a result, no amount of coloring or pencil shading could make any rubbing outlines appear - the paper was too worn and soft by then. So, I pulled the artist's equivalent of an Ashlee Simpson on SNL and completely phoned it in by drawing a king skull and a big fat fly head over everything. 

Wreck this Journal - Tear strips rip it up
Tear strips, rip it up / Tape or stable these pages together - This works out because I was able to keep the strips intact!
Wreck this Journal - Fill this page with circles
Fill this page with circles - I like making hinges on things. So I hinged together two beer coasters with tape.

Wreck this Journal - Document your dinner
I decided to document my (apparently evil) dessert instead of an entire meal. The guy wearing a hardhat and holding a microphone while standing on a cupcake is from a birthday card I made up for our office supervisor. He's short, works in construction, and likes to yell a lot - I can't believe I found the perfect clip art for that very specific description.
Wreck this Journal - Chew On This
Chew On This - I think this page turned out pretty cool, if not a little bit gross. I'm just glad I did the chewing before I put all of that rotting food in my book (ice cream sandwiches, gushers, dirt, gum, mmmm tasty) 
Wreck this Journal - Make a paper air plane
Make a paper airplane - well it is on paper, does that count?
Wreck this Journal - Wrap something with this page
Wrap   Keep something on this page - I decided to keep a pocket full of random clutter. Except for the special tiny book I made out of scrap paper.

Wreck this Journal - Wrap something with this page detail of the mini book inside the pocket
"Please never stop what you're doing!" OK, I won't! There are a few other cute messages I wrote in this book, but this one is my favorite.

Wreck this Journal - Tongue painting
Tongue Painting- This page is a mess. The little dancing women figures on the left page were drawn on transparency paper and made into overlapping stickers. There used to be a little bit of a blue popsicle stain in the tongue painting part, but it has long since faded away.

Wreck this Journal -  Write one word over and over breakup page #1
Write one word over and over / Tear out and crumple - Um, well, this page is what it is. There are a few "break up pages" in my book, embarrassingly enough, but I do have to find it funny my Wreck This Journal survived longer more than one long term relationship.  While that all feels like a lifetime ago, my journal serves as a constant.

Wreck this Journal -  Tie a string to this book and swing wildly featuring dried flowers
I tried to press flowers on this page, too, but unfortunately I was too aggressive in my wrecking and now all that is left of those pretty flowers are the sticks. 

Wreck this Journal -  Pick up the journal without using your Edward Scissor hands
Wreck this Journal - Pick up the journal without using your (scissor) hands.
Wreck this Journal -  A really ugly drawing of two balls of shit
Do a really ugly drawing - Poop is so funny. 
Wreck this Journal -  Place sticky things here... like gum and gushers
I kind of find the lack of decay in the Aisle of Gushers kind of fascinating. They've been stewing in here for a good three years now and they're still as "gushy" as the day I put them in there. There must be a lot of preservatives in those things! And we put this stuff in our bodies, and we give it to our children as a fun snack. Gushers are delicious though so I'm likely not to change my ways regardless. I'm just lucky my journal just didn't randomly turn into a giant anthropomorphic watermelon after adding these in (does anyone get that reference?)
Wreck this Journal -  Place sticky things here detail of the grossness
As the great philosopher Zoolander once said: "This is how you get ants!"
Wreck this Journal -  Doodle on the back of this envelope
Wreck this Journal - Pretend you are doodling on the back of an envelope

Wreck this Journal -  Fruit stickers here, a bunch of bananas!
Add fruit stickers here / Make paper chains 
Wreck this Journal -  Journal Golf... NICE SHOT!
Journal Golf - I don't think my journal could stand up on it's own like this anymore!

Wreck this Journal -  Bring this book in the shower with you
Wreck This Journal - Bring this book in the shower with you

Wreck this Journal -  Rub here with dirt dude
Wreck This Journal - Rub here with dirt

Wreck this Journal -  Use this as a test page
Test page - This page actually ended up coming in super handy. I used it when I was cleaning out my marker bag. Many brave heroes were laid to rest that day.

Wreck this Journal -  Sew this page
When I last wrote about my WTJ, this page was the only one holding the two giant halves of my book together, by a little sliver of paper. It's weirdly appropriate that this was page I ended up having to sew through. 

Wreck this Journal -  Sew this page detail
Details of the stitches. I haven't had any trouble with my book since sewing it back together!
Wreck this Journal -  A place for grocery / netflix lists
A place for your grocery Netflix list - Did you know that Netflix didn't add a "Watch Later" list to their service until 2013? Before that, you just had to remember what you wanted to watch.  Or, write it down in a WTJ for example. The list is way outdated now, and most of the stuff here isn't even in their library anymore! I continued to mark off items as I watched them, though. I'm actually kind of proud by how many I ended up watching. Sometimes by chance, sometimes because I actually referred back this list. Convenient! 
Wreck this Journal -  Collect your stamps from mail
Add stamps here - I managed to acquire all sorts of weird stamps! Lots of Canadian ones and some from the UK. Even a few from prison. I had to edit this photo a little bit to protect people's privacy. 

Wreck this Journal -  Cover this page with white things
Wreck this Journal- Cover this page with white things. I love how all these white things are discoloring at a different rate. Some turn gray, some turn yellow, and some haven't aged a day.

Wreck this Journal -  Scribble wildly with borrowed pens
Wreck This Journal - Scribble Wildly Using Borrowed Pens

Wreck this Journal -  Make a mess. Clean it up.
Make a mess and clean it up - For a while I used this page for a "bucket list" type list but after a while I just decided that the best way for me to clean up the "mess of my life" is to be satisfied with it just the way it is.
Wreck this Journal -  Doodle over top of this page featuring blue fish escaping from a net
Doodle over top of this page- One of the more popular illustrations from my journal.  I swear, it's that rich blue color that draws everyone in. Fun fact! The blue pen I used to draw this was made out of  recycled waterbottles. 

Wreck this Journal -  Page of good thoughts
Wreck This Journal - Page of Good Thoughts. Pro life tip: Always thank someone for compliments instead of trying to down play it. What are you doing, calling them a liar?

Wreck this Journal - Write carelessly now.
Wreck this Journal - Write Carelessly Now

Wreck this Journal - Glue random items here
Wreck This Journal - Glue Random Items Here
I liked Chewbacca before he was cool again.

Wreck this Journal - Cut through several layers
Wreck this Journal - Cut through several layers

Wreck this Journal - Cut through several layers detail
X-ACTO blade powers, activate!

Wreck this Journal - Glue in a page from a magazine - Fungi Perfecti
Glue a page from a magazine - So, I got my hands on a magazine that was all about mushrooms. It's called Fungi Perfecti and they are the most adorably impassioned people in the world. They really love their mushrooms! Then I imagined what all the mushrooms would look like if they could emote and have faces. The results are pure perfecti. 

Wreck this Journal - Glue in a page from a magazine - Fungi Perfecti Detail
I think these doodles came out so cute that I may do a series of them in the future.

Wreck this Journal - Glue in a page from a magazine - Fungi Perfecti Detail
Here's a detail of what is behind the mini pages. Giant Scooby Doo burger shroom!

Wreck this Journal - Color outside of the lines
Wreck this Journal - Color outside of the lines
Wreck this Journal - Connect the dots from memory
Wreck this Journal - Connect the dots from memory
Wreck this Journal - Hang in a public place
Invite people to draw here - I wish I would have collected more interesting doodles from people. There's still time though! 

Wreck this Journal - Draw with glue
Draw with glue - I was "stuck" on this page for a while *rimshot* mainly because glue is kind of hard to get to show up on white paper as a design. So I just colored over it with a bunch of crayons, and then drew some hipster diamonds all over everything else.

Wreck this Journal - Trace your hand
Wreck this Journal - Trace Your Hand
Wreck this Journal - Draw a picture using dog hair
Wreck this Journal - Create a drawing using a piece of your dog hair.

Wreck this Journal - A space for negative thoughts on LSD
This is another "guest page" inspired by a person who I am no longer dating. They drew the weird creature on the left and I colored and over worked everything like I usually do. The little eyes are actually tabs that flip up and have rude blurbs underneath them.
Wreck this Journal - Four Letter Words
Wreck This Journal - Page for four letter words
Wreck this Journal - Document time passing on vacation
Document Time Passing - I can still remember how relieved I was to get home from that road trip. I documented the last 30 minutes of it and I felt every minute in its entirety. 
Wreck this Journal - Scrub here
Wreck This Journal - Scrub this Page. With a steel wool so it comes out spic and span! 
Wreck this Journal - Tell a secret
Hide a secret message somewhere - There are actually many different secret messages written in this book. So many I couldn't even tell you what they are or where in the book they are!
Wreck this Journal - More ways to wreck
Write a list of more ways to wreck this journal - This page is a weird scribbly mess! I tried my best to complete these tasks... "letting it go" will be a hard thing to do though. 

Wreck this Journal - Sleep with the journal
Wreck This Journal - Sleep with the journal

Wreck this Journal - Stain log
Stain log? More like "PAIN LOG!" I'm going to add that in one day.
Wreck this Journal - Doodle in the margins with a big silver robot
Doodle over top of this page and in the margins - I made a little robot with metallic paint chips! 

Wreck this Journal - The Back cover
Funny story about this page. One day I'm driving in my car and I start noticing all these sugar ants. Not a huge amount but enough for me to take note. Anyways I could NOT find where they were coming from, but luckily they eventually receded instead of infesting my entire car. A few weeks later I uncovered my Wreck this Journal from my car (IDK sometimes I take it with me) and I suddenly found out where those sugar ants were coming from. Apparently I had spilled a Wendy's frosty all over this page.... it was still kind of sticky, and peppered with sugar ants. Poor little guys didn't stand a chance. Anyways  I just smooshed the effected area back down and pretended it never happened. The Frosty kind of works as glue now.  
We've finally made it to the back cover of my Wreck This Journal *closes book shut... sort of*
So there it is.. my Wreck this Journal in all its glory. I think I'm down to about 14 pages that are incomplete but I have to admit they've been a pill to finish. There are a few reasons that they're holding me back, but I'm going to write another post on those stubborn pages later. I just wanted to do an update on this subject since it's been such a long time. Expect more posts soon, I have lots to still discuss.

Update 11/28/16:
After thinking on it for a long time, I've decided that I'm not going to finish those last pages after all. The journal is as finished as it will ever be, and that's okay. I think that those final pages are a testament to how difficult it is to "completely finish" a Wreck This Journal. It's an important lesson for me as well, that the journal will never be "perfect," like our lives that are forever works in progress. I think it's time for me to let go of this particular book. I thank everyone for keeping up with me over the years with my journal and taking this creative journey with me. And it has been quite the journey.

Expect one more thing about Wreck this Journal very soon. A special surprise as a thank you to all the readers. Stay tuned. - Edit: Here it is!

Feel free to share your journey with Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal below in the comments. I'd love to hear what you think about my interpretations of the pages.