Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Transitions Art Show

About a month ago I participated in another wonderful art show run by the awesome curator Phil Hyman. 

Transgendered Gay Artwork Sculpture Wood This time it was called the Transitions Art Show. They always come up with these zany but strangely appropriate names for the events. The last one I was involved with was called The Outsiders Show (and I wrote about that one, too.)  I really enjoy being a part of these things. It always brings out a variety of artists and it's completely free to submit and sell your work... a very rare find when it comes to showing your stuff in art galleries.

The piece shown to the right greeted visitors as they entered the gallery perfectly embodies the theme of the Transitions show. It was explained to me that it was a self portrait created by an individual that is currently going through gender reassignment surgery.  I love how the two genders can be distinguished by such small, thoughtful details, like the shape of the noses and the size of their feet.

colorful art steve delong
The show featured some new work by Steve DelongThe elaborate process in which he achieves the designs in his work is fascinating. From what I've gathered, apparently it involves carefully coloring copper plates with various chemicals and dyes.

jewelry art gallery Kay Hyman Rachelle Rose
A shot of some more of the work in the gallery, including this incredibly ghostly dress that was made of paper. There was also a lot of jewelry on display this time, including lovely pieces by Kay Hyman and Rachelle Rose.

rats recycled installation art tony prete
Another new and strange work from the local artist Tony Prete. This rat sculpture was installed  vertically on to the side of a wall.  I really appreciate this piece because it commanded the room's attention. It was definitely one of the first art works you noticed when entering the gallery. Not to mention that his work often utilizes recycled scrap materials, which I am also a huge fan of!
nuts barstool weld art sculpture eric dolan
Check out this wicked bar stool made by
Eric Dolan. The seat is made of welded
together lug nuts! I can't imagine how
long that must have taken.

cute dancing wonka nerds art nina rego
Nina Rego's cute new series of prints.
They remind me of  Wonka Nerds!
Lamp pin up shilouette light art phil hyman
By Phil Hyman
light pin up lamp retro art phil hyman
I love artworks that are functional as well as beautiful. These pin-up girl lights by Phil Hyman embody those ideals. Can I use one of these as a night light please??

chalk art drawing gallery show designs
An interesting chalk drawing being
created outside of the gallery.
What kind of art show is it without some artists there actually creating art? Phil's daughter had the right idea... she spent hours at this desk working on a hand made purse. It turned out fabulous, by the way.

The Transitions Show also had some live performances, including many underground and experimental bands. Here's local band The Lung performing for the crowd. I appreciate the fact that these art shows celebrate all forms of art, not just visual ones.
The show's grande finale was an incredible collaborative performance by the artists James Carrier, Geoffrey Comier, Karen Inella, and the Wayand Modern Shadow Puppet Theater. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it that night due to car troubles, but I was told the show was fantastic. There was shadow puppets, belly dancing, and live medieval flute playing! Maybe I can catch their next show's performance...

Alien Light Art show Phil Hyman
And how can you say no to an alien that is
beckoning you to the gallery so friendly-like?
I write these personal experiences about art shows I've participated in because I want to encourage all my readers to participate in more community art events themselves. Local art shows like these are happening in your neighborhood all the time, you just have to look for them. They are incredibly rewarding experiences because you  meet such a variety of people and can be exposed to many different styles of art. And if you're an artist, it gives you an opportunity to show your art off to the public (and maybe even sell a few things!) I was incredibly grateful for that opportunity because it gave me some confidence in my work. Seeing the reaction of strangers to your artwork can be inspiring somehow. It's hard to explain, the only thing I can say is to go out there and try it for yourself. Support local art and it will support you!

Photographs taken by Eyeball Art Shows.


randomosity said...

I love going to art shows through you :) There aren't many opportunities for art shows where we currently live, but once we sell our house (fingers crossed), the new city is full of these types of things. I was brought up going to art galleries and shows (among other strange things) so I want to be sure my children do too. Thanks for posting all of the pictures!

BoholstWife said...

i also love when you post pics of the shows you go to. we have art galleries here in el paso,i just havent been out looking for them. life can be crazy sometimes. when it mellows and i can actually focus on art again,i will run to the art shows. keep posting!!!

trina lyn said...

Thanks you guys! I'm glad you guys find the coverage interesting. Local art shows are the unsung heroes of the art community.. I hope you both get a chance to visit more of them in the future. I really like the idea of involving your kids in the fun. Having those unique experiences involving the art community can be very inspiring to young minds. I loved them when I was a kid.
Anyways, thanks for the kind words :>