Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wreck this Journal part THREE!

Oh snap, my Wreck This Journal is back with a vengeance!

(Don't forget to read my Wreck this Journal posts Part One and Part Two first! Don't worry, I'll wait...)

Gosh, is it time for another update on my journal already? Surprising how time flies when you're having fun. Needless to say my WTJ has been keeping me very occupied. I have been persistently working towards my goal of completing every page. It has been a long road but I am slowly but surely inching towards completion! Lately, I've just been focusing on getting content onto all of the pages. The tasks are a lot less daunting when you aren't staring at a clean, blank white page. There are over 200 pages in the journal from cover to cover and I think I may have at least something on just about every page now. Everything's been smooth sailing so far!
Sometimes I feel like one day I'm going to pick up my book and it's just going to fall apart in my hands. Actually, that happened recently. I went to grab my book and both the front and back covers completely fell off! Alas, that meant I finally had to tape up the spine of my WTJ.  I tried to put it off for as long as I could but you simply can't use mod podge for a job that requires good ol' fashioned tape.

Oh, and my Wreck this Journal is getting so FAT! How much more stuff can I cram into these pages?  

I haven't shown the back cover of my journal before so, here it is. The "Attempted Not Known" sticker is my half ass attempt at sending my journal through the mail. At this point the book would cost close to $10 to ship (which is way more than I want to spend!) so I just put a sticker on there from another package.

The "Wreck this Journal" inside cover again.. a few things have changed. It was inspected by David.
This page got all wet and melted, so I had to redraw a bunch of stuff.

Add your own page numbers- Another that is still in progress.
I want to find some of those little house number stickers to put all over this page.

Leave this page blank on purpose? BOOBY BUTT TO THAT!
In a weird way I kind of liked the strange coffee smell my journal got when I did this page, but unfortunately many other strange stinks and funks have long since over powered that scent. No one told me that the Wreck This Journal would start to smell so weird...
"Draw Fat and Thin Lines" - I did all my lines with a mechanical pencil.. they leave deeper marks on the pages. Those lines look lovely going along with my gelatinous blob covered in eye balls.
Speaking of gelatinous blobs, I finally finished up "Poking Holes in This Page Using a Pencil." Eye see you...
The "add dirty finger prints" page has
really taken some abuse!
Check out those awesome embossed textures.

Color this entire page.. and then color over it again!
I dedicated a page in my Wreck this Journal
to one of the most badass (and underrated)
Batman villains of all time, Inque. I love the
dramatic range of motion this character has.

"Draw lines in motion"- I finally like this one. I went over all the lines with a dark pencil and colored in the rest of the white spaces. It totally reminds me of one of those wicked scribble doodles you'd draw in Paint now. 
Fill this page with circles.. a lot harder than it sounds. I decided to make it even harder and only use circular found objects instead of just drawing a bunch of circles. Some of my favorite "circles" include a bunch of stale rubber bands that I found at the office. Also found at the office was a bunch of these weird caulking samples of all different colors. No one ever knows what they are when they see them....awesome. Speaking of awesome, check out the two beer coasters that I hinged together with some tape. Oh and yes, there is a Ralph Steadman drawing on that coaster!

Wow this page looks crappy right now.  All the pretty flowers I glued on  have now fell off for the most part... and I still haven't worked up the guts to even "swing the book wildly" yet!
"Collect Fruit Stickers Here"

Great improvements have been made on this page. You may notice that there are more fruit stickers! My family and I are trying to eat healthier Obviously, our favorite fruit is still the banana.

Have I mentioned yet that if you put a page of the
Wreck this Journal in the wash that it completely

Well, that's what I have for now, but there's still so much for me to do in my journal. I have really enjoyed documenting my experience with Wreck This Journal. As time goes by I am able to look back at my old posts and say, "WOW, How things have changed!" Make sure to stay tuned for more updates!

In the mean time, what do you think of my progress so far? Which page is your favorite? How would you suggest finishing some of my incomplete pages? Oh, and if you have your own WTJ it would be really cool to see some of your interpretations of these assignments. I can always use a little bit of inspiration. 

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BoholstWife said...

man!!!! your wtj is awesome. i haven't had time to work on might take me a few years at the rate i am going. sad huh? oh well, i will find my creative mood again. it is only temporally lost. i am actually trying to finish this painting i started working on. i am trying to fill one of my walls with art. my own museum in my home,lol...i will keep my eye out for more postings from you.stay creative trina.i love how your mind works.