Monday, November 28, 2011

On my own two feet

"My own two feet" - Acrylics on burlap

This piece really has a presence in real life. It's modeled directly from observation of my own feet and was done with acrylics and india ink. My favorite part is the harsh texture of the surface. I achieved this by piecing burlap scraps onto particle board.

Also, the board is a somewhat unusual shape. It's not perfectly square around the sides but instead crooked and frayed. I wanted the work to mimic an old weathered scrap of fabric, while the inside details looked more like patchwork.
Another special thing about this piece is that it can be turned any which way and still "work." It all depends on your personal preference which direction you want the feet to be facing,

This piece was also featured in my post about getting art supplies on a budget. I can proudly say everything besides the paint and glue is a recycled material!

If you're interested in buying the original, contact me for a negotiation of price.
Prints are also available. Each print is signed personally by me and come in a clear plastic sheet protector.


BoholstWife said...

love this soooooo much. i like to paint female nudes.females seem to be easy to paint. post more art up please. i love your skills, imagination and above all,the passion for creativeness.

trina lyn said...

Aww thank you so much for that very kind compliment! I'm glad you like my stuff. I will make sure to add more art posts from now on :) by the way I would love to see your work too. I checked out your blog but it doesn't seem to have any art up yet.. you should add some too yknow! I can always appreciate a beautiful depiction of the human form. Keep in touch my friend!

BoholstWife said...

im shy but i will consider posting.

trina lyn said...

hey you shouldn't be shy, i bet your stuff is great. You will be surprised at the random encouragement you get from time to time, too.. :]

BoholstWife said...

My hubby loved your feet sticker so I bought a glossy copy. Super excited!!! As soon as I frame and hang it,I will send you a pic of it. Truly a nice piece of art you got there girly. Try to a price fixed on some of your art so you can post them. You never know,you might get some bites. There are a few websites you could always try to see if you get any hits. Let me know if you put up any prices on anything and on any websites.