Monday, August 8, 2011

Skull Guy Keychain

This weird little skull guy would add some edginess to any purse or book bag.
  At a glance:
  • Handmade keychain
  • Available in red, light blue, dark blue, yellow, brown, and orange.
  • Skull shape
  • Hand stenciled bones with acrylics on back and front
  • Teeth painted on separately
  • Circular key ring with suede or leather like twine
  • Filled with store grade sand
  • Heat pressed
  • Each skull is slightly different

The Skull Guy Keychain....

The skull itself is made of felt.  The felt is hand stenciled with a bone design in either black acrylic paint or white gesso. The teeth are then all painted on one by one. The painted felt is later heat pressed for permanence and aesthetics.

The key ring is attached by brown or black suede like twine.

This keychain has been filled with store grand sand as opposed to poly fiber stuffing. It remains light weight and sturdy while giving the piece a unique feel

 Because they’re all different, each skull keychain’s measurements vary slightly. The skulls themselves span approximately 2 inches long and are around 1 ½ inches wide. The length of the key ring and twine are 2-3 inches on average.

This Skull Guy felt keychain is perfect for:
  • Interesting gift for birthdays and holidays
  • Adding personal style to a boring set of keys
  • Showing someone your appreciation
  • Sprucing up your purse or school bag

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