Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crap art I did when I was 12

I think the most embarrassing thing for many artists is when they take a glance back at their old work. For some reason it's so awkward seeing how "terrible" your art was 10, 20 years ago. I imagine this is because we actually believe that the work was pretty good at the time. It's weird, I like the stuff I've done recently (within the past 5 years) but beyond that things get pretty sketchy.. in another ten years will I be as embarrassed of my work I'm doing now as I am of the work I did as a little kid? Can't tell for sure. But what I can tell you is, I have a LOT of crappy artwork to share. OK I won't completely diss this stuff... it's charming and kind of awkwardly interesting. And hell, I was doing stuff with computers at 12 that I know grown adults still cant do. I was doing a lot of technique experimentation. All of this work was done in the dungeon of my home (AKA my room) where as a kid I would spend countless hours drawing on oekakis and groupboards. I was so young..I will give myself that mercy at least. But even with that disclaimer, hilarity ensues....
When I was 12 I was a demon monkey from space. Also I had very high aspirations to be a "icecream truck driving person."

Here's me with a broken arm. Notice my maniacal smile of approval.

I used to run the streets. My rapper name was GEAR... R.I.P Lil Tony.
I think the rain should probably be the least of your worries..
Nothing says HAPPY NEW YEAR like a cracked out angel wielding a stick.

Dog: "Help me... this freak wants to harvest my organs." 

Anybody else have any crap art they did when they were young? Who is brave enough to share?


BoholstWife said...

for a 12 year old,you drew very found you on will have a unique style and seem to be wise beyond your years

trina lyn said...

BoholstWife thank you very much for your kind words, and for visiting my site. I really appreciate every single pageview i get :)